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                 Tom Krieg

Christian Defense Safety Solutions








       Owner of Krieg and Associates LLC

Maricopa County Sheriffs Academy –Qualified Armed Posse Program

California State Police Academy – Protection of Public Officials

United States Secret Service – Protective Operations Program

Executive Protection Institute – Personal Protection Specialist

Academy of Security Educators and Trainers – Certified Security Trainer

Threat Assessment Group – Prevention of Workplace Violence Program

Texas DPS Licensed Manager – Private Security Company (Investigations, Consulting, Protective Services)

Texas DPS Licensed Manager – Private Security School (Levels 2, 3 & 4)

Texas DPS License To Carry Handgun Program – Certified Instructor

National Rifle Association – Certified Pistol/Rifle Instructor

National Rifle Association – Certified Range Safety Officer

                    Bobby Brasher

Christian Defense Safety Solutions

Bobby Brasher
Speaker * Trainer * Certified School Safety Specialist *
Certified Firearm Instructor

*Bobby began his career by attending LA Tech University and received a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology. After graduation he attended the University of Louisiana Monroe, Police Academy and worked 6 years on Patrol with the Monroe Police Dept. and Morehouse Parish Sheriff Dept. He later received a teaching certificate from Louisiana Dept. of Education and also the Texas Education Agency where he taught classes in Criminal Justice and Intro to Police Operations.

*Bobby also holds certificates from FEMA and The Dept. of Homeland Security. The basic strategies and tactics are from the Federal Protective Service and U.S. Secret Service. Bobby received his Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor certificate from Texas A&M University. Bobby also holds an Instructor’s Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (#455076.)

*He is the Director of School Safety and student Security at the Brook Hill School in Bullard. Bobby planned and implemented the security for this school from cameras to recruiting and training the armed responders on campus. Part of Bobby’s mission is teaching school and church members in real life situational awareness to school faculty, women’s groups and senior adults at churches.

*Bobby’s 30 years in the field and classroom, along with his present work in schools, churches and working with Law Enforcement make his presentations timely and present day relevant.

*Bobby is a co-founder of the Christian Defense and Safety Solutions. Christian Defense is a ministry that comes along side churches to fill a roll of church safety and security. They train church members and church leaders in church building security and in armed response tactics and strategies.


Paul Landreth-Smith


1) Former London s Metropolitan Police Dept .
2) London’s Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism SWAT Team
3) Close Quarters Battle Operator and Instructor
4) Hand to hand Defensive Tactics instructor .
5) NRA Handgun instructor