Christian Defense & Safety Solutions is a Non-Profit Training and Educational Ministry

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The Guardian Program is a ministry.

Training for the Guardian Program is provided by seasoned professionals, each who have decades of experience in their particular fields along with all of the state/industry certifications and/or licenses required. These men and women are motivated by their own ministry to share their knowledge and experience to help develop the next generation of first-responders.

From 01/01/1999 through 02/15/2015 there were 971 deadly force incidents resulting in 1,000 of individuals killed or injured in Fath-Based Organizations. – (Cark Chinn) July 21, 2015

A Fox News poll revealed 56% of voters say Christianity is under attack in the United States. In addition, the poll indicated that organized religion is losing influence in the United States.

Faith-Based Organizations are soft targets. Church violence is on the rise and should not be ignored. What would you do if someone began shooting at your next service?

Church Leadership is legally liable to protect those who attend and should be concerned about the safety and security of it’s congregation and staff.


Our group of special individuals are highly vetted and trained and provide a clear path for churches to provide for their own safety and security with trusted church members at a minimal cost. Click below to read more.

  • Worship Security

    CDSS has the experience to lead an organization as they formulate their own crisis prevention/management programs and emergency operation plans. These comprehensive plans include the development of individuals who can work/lead in the various missionary areas such as; emergency medical treatment, evacuation services, counseling support, disaster relief and personnel protection.

  • Training

    With of over three decades of working in the crisis prevention / emergency response field, the personnel of CDSS brings the real life experience of “What if? – So What?” to all of our training programs. From a basic first aid class to active shooter response program, our training programs are based on the latest methods which are legal, effective and defendable.

  • Protective Services

    Proactive faith-based organizations are making decisions to implement emergency response teams to best defend themselves against attacks and allegations of failing to provide a safe and secure environment for the congregations and their staffs. CDSS assists in the development of these programs, and brings years of experience in the deployment of these select in-house teams.


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